Monday, March 15, 2010

First-ever Papervision3D experiment - Rubic Cube

Having recently started learning PaperVision3D. I hit my head on it for several things and decided to create something really good. Many a times, I was not happy with whatever was coming out, but finally I managed to get some good results out for all my efforts.

So eventually, I started working on the "Rubic Cube". After quite long hours and days of brainstorming, I managed to create a functional rubic cube. Thought it is in the initial stage of development, a better and enhanced version is on its way very soon.

If you have suggestions, please do comment below:-


  1. i think it is big step for indian developers to look forword to work in 3d world which are not seen in India usually but this effort will inspire other developers to do something like this stuff.
    congrats and keep going on.
    all the best!

  2. superb hain
    suggestion no. 1) start mein jumble rehne chahiye aur ek instruction button chahiye udhar user ko game solve karne direction batane ke liye.
    2) Timer bhi chahiye kitna chaldi user solve karne ke liye

  3. Hi Naim,
    This is an experimental project not a game, but I am going to develop in proper Rubic Cube game very soon,
    Thanks for suggestion.

  4. tooo good shailu really brillaint keep up the great work .

  5. shailu yaar hame to naaz hai tuz par ye experiment ke saat main bolta hu ke to ye field me bahut aage jayega god bless u aur asha karta hu ke tu aur experiment karte rahe

  6. nice work! thanks for sharing your insights on the build!

  7. I love this project. Please make an xml file to define a link for each square and release it as open source.

  8. nice work .. i am completly unknown about this type of work , but i belive u ,u r rocking ,passionate about yr work ...

  9. Hey great work.
    I think the cube solving logic is not efficient as of now. It is taking a lot more moves than it should.
    For example, Made just one random move and cliced "solve". It took 10+ moves to solve.
    The rendering is just great and the concept too is great.

    -Shishir Sathe

  10. Hi,

    How can I contact you for some job proposal relative to you rubik work ?

    Thanks in advance

  11. Hey, It's nice.

    I want to talk with you.
    Please give me your mobile no.
    I m also from mumbai .

  12. thanx Yuvraj,
    my email id is
    please feel free to contact me.