Friday, January 6, 2012

Aum Architects - JavaScript / jQuery

Aum Architects is my first JavaScript / jQuery based project with Bcwebwise Company. While developing this website Ravish Shanbhag and Amit Vishe guide me to understand div and its property. Then I realised that Div is just like MovieClip in Flash. So I treat div as MovieClip and it became simple to develop this website. Hope you like it. Check it out

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ibento International - Papervision3D

Ibento International website is my third Papervision3d project with Bcwebwise Company. Shalaka and Mangesh Bhayde designed this website and developed by me. The content is fully dynamic (CMS based). The website has been honoured by The FWA Public Shortlist. Check it out

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Allen Solly - Papervision3D

This is my second Papervision3d project with Bcwebwise Company which was done in 2010. The whole site is developed by me. When I got design to make the site I decided to make in normal action script but then I thought it must be in Papervision3D and I got very short period to complete the site. While developing this site I faced big problem of 'Quadra Engine'. It made the site slow then I found layering solution and I decided not to use 3D collada model and every 3D part should be done in runtime. Finally site completed in 20 days. Bcwebwise got FWA Site Of The Day Award in August 09 2010. This site made milestone for Bcwebwise. Check it out

Makeover Machine

'Sunsilk Makeover Machine' was my first most interactive project done with the Bcwebwise Company. I was new in flash action script and it was quite tough for me but I took the challenge and completed it within 2 month in 2006. Bcwebwise has got Abby Gold Award - Interactive Digital Marketing in 2007 for Sunsilk site. After that I developed 'Complete Makeover Machine' for Sunsilk check it out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mad O wot

Sapna Bhavnani wanted a crazy website for her salon mad o wot. along with designer Nash Paul and backend programmer Rina Gosar, we aimed at creating a different whacky experience. i was the flash developer and was responsible for the navigation and the front end of the cms for each section. the navigation especially was a challenge because it needed to be seamless and smooth with a whole lot of graphics loading and even sound changing at each scroll. check it out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

First-ever Papervision3D experiment - Rubic Cube

Having recently started learning PaperVision3D. I hit my head on it for several things and decided to create something really good. Many a times, I was not happy with whatever was coming out, but finally I managed to get some good results out for all my efforts.

So eventually, I started working on the "Rubic Cube". After quite long hours and days of brainstorming, I managed to create a functional rubic cube. Thought it is in the initial stage of development, a better and enhanced version is on its way very soon.

If you have suggestions, please do comment below:-

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome to SetVelocity!

Hey all!
Welcome to my new blog - SetVelocity! (URL:
I am gonna post lots of stuff like the work which I did in the past, some interesting stuff which I have seen on the internet or offline.

Keep coming back to my blog! Thanks!!!

Shailendra More